About Us

“This vintage Japanese sewing machine found in our local flea market started the whole journey,” Gemma, founder of SHIessentials, always tells people her sewing story.

As a completely family-operated business, sewing is not just a hobby for Gemma but a lifelong profession for her mother, a skilled seamstress. Together, with a small artisan team, they craft all of SHIessentials’ curtains and Roman shades with great care. Gemma's brother, our dedicated hardware procurement leader, plays a vital role in sourcing the world's finest natural fabrics and aluminum headrails, while her husband leads the assembly and installation team with diligence. By limiting our team size and marketing cost, establishing direct connections with suppliers for reputable brands, we ensure that the value is passed on to our customers.

"Sustainable, Harmony, and Inspiration" are the core values of our team. We hold dear the principles of family and hard work. We firmly believe that true creativity stems from hands-on dedication, and we are inspired by nature's abundant offerings. It teaches us to embrace humility while leading a life that is simple, sophisticated, and beautiful.